Just dropping by again with some personal updates.

Some good news. I completed the second draft of my novel-in-progress right at the end of summer, on the very day of my self-imposed deadline. The manuscript stands at approximately 136,000 words. For those keeping track, that's more than double the length of my previous novel. I plan to spend the next several months revising and doing research to fill in some gaps that need more than my fingers on the keys. My goal is to have all the big picture work done by the start of the new year, then go through with a fine tooth comb. After that, it'll be on to the submission process, where the real work begins.

The school year has officially started, so I anticipate one jam-packed schedule. I'm currently working full time at Grant Middle School through my education program, meeting some incredible teachers and wonderful kids. We've had two days of classes thus far, and it's already a whirlwind, yet I feel that I am right where I am meant to be.

It will probably be a while before I have more substantial updates, but I'll keep you posted.

Currently reading: Charlee Jacob's Haunter.