After a routine job goes sideways, interplanetary smuggler Jack Kind and his crew are forced into a deal with a dangerous politician transporting cargo from a military installation to a drop-off near the sun. It stinks like a setup, and may be connected to rumors of an alien craft discovered in the Kuiper belt. When the double-cross is revealed, and the cargo opened, the crew find themselves defenseless against a threat unlike any mankind has faced before. And they soon realize they aren’t just fighting for their own lives, but for all life in the solar system.

Short Works

Bad - Story in Disturbed Digest, 2017

Goblin - Horror story in Under the Bed, 2016

Gerome - Horror story in Massacre Magazine, 2016

Sleep Study - Horror story in 9Tales Told in the Dark, 2016

Final Poem - Poetry at Enclave, 2015

Monsters & Dolls: On Storytelling - Nonfiction essay at The Fanzine, 2015

Spider - Weird flash fiction in The Conium Review, 2015

Fish Face - Flash fiction in Fiction Southeast, 2012