X-Files Revival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZOMG

No, seriously, The X-Files may make a brief return in the coming months and I am very excited and skeptical.

Why skeptical?

Because many shows and movies lately are based on nostalgia, and sometimes nostalgia leads to you Facebook stalking an ex at 3 AM and reminding yourself that some things end because they have run their course and this makes you sad and happy at the same time but mostly glad that the past is in the past where it should be.

And yet.

I am the only person on the planet who liked the second X-Files movie. It was essentially a long episode of the series, and I dug that.

So, yeah.

Sometimes nostalgia leads to Facebook stalking an ex, but sometimes instead you end up Facebook stalking a good friend you haven't spoken to in months, and then you message that friend and say yo what are you doing stop living in NYC and let's get together and then you get together and it is grand and you think to yourself, Boy am I glad I Facebook stalked you because of my 3 AM attack of nostalgia.

An X-Files revival will be like that.