I just watched a good movie and this is inspired by that. "Cool," you say.

Movies inspire me. They inspire me as an artist and as a person. If you think about what a movie is, regardless of the budget, it’s a bit insane. Try describing the concept based on the physical realities of what it takes. “Well, it’s kinda like all these people standing around under really bright lights pretending to be other people, and someone records it, but when it’s edited and all the other stuff is added in like the soundtrack and colorization and it’s edited down, it’s like, um, this really cool story that comes together and makes sense and moves people."

Yeah, sure. Please go back on your medication.

It only comes to fruition because a whole lot of people work their asses off to make it happen.

So when I watch movies, it’s for entertainment but it’s also for inspiration. If a team of people can turn an idea—a writer’s concept—into this thing that I pop into my Blu-ray player and get absorbed into for two hours, then I can put a bunch of words into a document and take readers on a journey with language.

You can apply this to virtually anything you want to do, despite the hangups and all your fear. That might sound cheesy, but I believe it is inarguable.