A Bunch of Science Links I Didn't Actually Read or Anything

I have tunnel vision. Not literally. I mean I am overwhelmed with working on the second draft of Deathform, starting a new job, and grading at the end of the semester. Still, I've spotted some interesting science articles floating around these here internets, and though I only have time to skim them, I thought I could share them all the same, along with a brief, half-assed synopsis. So here we go.

The Smithsonian realized that cosmic rays are, like, bad. This article says something like, "When you shoot a mouse full of irradiated junk, it doesn't do well at all." It goes on to describe how the irradiated mice of death do really poorly at pretty much everything.

I found an embedded link in there about plastic spaceships, too. This has to do with stopping astronauts from becoming irradiated mice. That seems interesting. I didn't read it even a little bit, so I am just picturing a giant Lego spaceship zipping through the void. Pretty cool.

Oh, and the only probe to ever explore Mercury done fell down. That's okay, though, because it was supposed to fall down. It took some pretty nifty pictures before it fell down. Honestly, Mercury is not a good place to go tanning because usually when you tan you don't want to start on fire.

I have no idea what this video is about. I saw it on Facebook, though, and someone shared it after I saw it the first time, so it must be good. The thumbnail looks like a guy is stroking someone else's arm, and the title promises that you can control other peoples' arms with your mind. This might have something to do with going up to a person and saying, "Hi. Could you please move your arm?" Mind control is freaky.

Elon Musk unveiled a thing. It's a battery. It goes on the wall. You put it on the wall and say to people who visit your house, "Check out my battery." They look at the battery and say, "You must be wealthy to afford such a battery." And you say in return, "Yes, I am wealthy. I love batteries. Batteries will save the world! I named this battery Elon Musk, after Elon Musk, the creator of this particular type of battery."

That's it for today's articles! Enjoy!